Among the best healthcare provider in Turkey

Ersoy Health Group was established as a policlinic in Istanbul Sultanbeyli in 1989, adopting the principle of ‘Quality in Health’ as ​​a principle and accepted its first patient. In the region, by growing and succeeding to become the health institution of choice for patients; In 1997, he continued to accept patients as Sultanbeyli Ersoy Hospital.

In 2005, our second center was established as a Balance Slimming Center in Maltepe and realized a first in our country with its concept and addressing mass. Growing rapidly in line with needs, it continued to serve patients first as Denge Medical Center and then in 2012 as Maltepe Ersoy Hospital.

The third and largest hospital of our health group, Kurtköy Ersoy Hospital; Kurtköy Ersoy Hospital started accepting patients in May 2013 with its modern architecture, expert physician staff, patient-oriented quality understanding in health, and modern medical devices and equipment.

Our health group, which provides service with 3 hospitals in the Anatolian side of Istanbul, uses modern information and technology; patient, patient relatives and employees based on satisfaction, without compromising the ethical rules of health services. Ersoy Hospital received ISO 9001 2008 Quality Certificate in July 2009.

All kinds of examinations, medical treatments and surgical interventions are performed by using the latest surgical techniques in our fully equipped hospitals, which are developed according to the needs of the patients, with our specialist doctors, health personnel combining their knowledge and knowledge with close attention.

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